Interlink Counseling Services Given Great Honor

On September 6, 2011, Interlink’s veterans were given the distinguished honor of assisting organizations around the city of Louisville in constructing the Vietnam Traveling Wall Memorial. The day began cold and drizzly, but our veterans persevered and built the wall with reverence and speed. During the next several days after the wall was completed, the veterans from Interlink were picked up and transported to the project in a company limousine provided by the sponsors of the event, Dignity Memorial. This company has supported Interlink in the past in its struggle against homelessness and addiction and furthermore, it awarded our veterans with the honor of assisting in this momentous event and supporting the great mission they have continued to endeavor toward. The Traveling Wall Memorial has been carrying the honored names of Vietnam veterans around the country for many years, and our clients were proud to contribute to its journey.

During the closing ceremonies on the final day of the event, which was also the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the clouds broke, and the sunshine radiated and warmed the hearts of everyone who had come to bid farewell to the names engraved on the wall. After the closing ceremonies, ICS clients were given the opportunity to dismantle the wall and set it on its journey to the new destination in Iowa. Less than an hour elapsed as the wall was deconstructed, and the work was followed by a meal provided by local restaurants and Dignity Memorial. During this time, all of the honored veterans and other volunteers that assisted with the wall exchanged stories and memories while they cried and laughed. Everyone involved wanted to ensure that the project ended with honor and respect.

The veterans and staff at Interlink Counseling Services, Inc. would like to thank all the men and women who sacrificed their lives to defend our wonderful nation.