Meet Our Staff

Interlink staff is interested in working with homeless, chemically-dependent, or dual-diagnosed persons. We administer to human needs but understand that no one person or group can be all things to all people. We are committed to enlisting the services of other concerned persons and groups in an effort to provide the best possible care and treatment to those we serve.

Depending upon individual client requirements, we offer counseling services ranging from basic screening to assessment to the delivery of services either in individual, group, or long-term residential settings.

Interlink’s staff offers outpatient counseling for families and individuals. We believe in recruiting, developing, promoting, and recognizing an honest and competent workforce in a fair and equitable manner. Interlink’s work environment promotes participative management to develop trust and encourage motivation and creativity.

 Patricia A. Beck, MBA ~ President/CEO

Along with Dr. H. Wayne Creighton, Patricia Beck has helped to ensure the growth and development of Interlink Counseling Services, Inc., which is a non-profit, federal and state-licensed treatment facility designed to help homeless veterans who have substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. Her goal was to foster a holistic, transitional living facility dedicated to the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual restoration of homeless veterans around the US.  >> Read More

 Wayne Creighton, CADC, M.Div., Ph.D. ~ Clinical Director

Wayne CreightonIn 1993, Wayne Creighton formed Interlink Counseling Services, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Louisville, KY. His goal was to foster a holistic, transitional, living facility dedicated to the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual restoration of homeless men. Furthermore, Wayne designed Interlink to provide highly structured and accountable DUI services and  >> Read More


Timothy White, CATC ~ Residential Program Director

timothy_whiteTimothy “Tim” White joined Interlink’s case management staff in 2004. Originally from Detroit, Tim grew up in a culture full of abuse and addiction, an atmosphere that left him vulnerable to addiction. After one year at Northern Michigan University, Tim joined the Navy in 1981. During his time in the military, he served as a boson’s mate on the USS Kittyhawk.  >> Read More