Mission Statement

Since 1993, Interlink Counseling Services, Inc. (ICS) proudly provides a full continuum of care for its clients, which is designed to be an integrated system that will direct clients over time through a comprehensive array of mental health services spanning all levels of care intensity. ICS is a state and federally licensed (AODE) facility that is certified to provide assessment, education, and treatment for our clients. Our full continuum of care includes the following vital components, which are all located conveniently on our Preston Highway campus:

  • Landing Zone Program: Non-medical detoxification and emergency shelter to provide an immediate and safe alternative to sleeping on the streets;
  • Harmony House Program: Intensive treatment for chemical dependency and mental health needs;
  • Genesis House Program: Transitional housing with supportive services to allow for the development of skills that will be needed once permanently housed;
  • Outpatient Counseling: Provides essential educational and treatment components while allowing clients to apply their newly acquired skills within their own environments;
  • Serenity Court Apartments: Permanent and permanent supportive housing to provide individuals and families with an affordable place to live with services and a sober living environment; and
  • Project Homeland Program: Outreach, intake, and assessment in order to identify services, treatment, employment, case management, and housing needs and provide a link to the appropriate level of both.

Supportive services provided by ICS include the following: a structured recovery program, case management, individualized treatment / care plans created in collaboration with ICS case managers and the Clinical Director, client group and individual therapy, relapse prevention education, chemical dependency education, life skills sessions, structured recreational activities, scheduled times for meditation and personal activities, community and small group meetings, 12-step meetings, and other activities designed to foster stability and recovery.

After clients complete all of the stages of the programs, after-care plans are specially designed to meet their needs, and they are encouraged to return to ICS at any time as ambassadors to teach classes and mentor new clients as they progress through their recovery. In order to provide an opportunity for permanent supportive housing and to ease the transition into independent living for the clients who have completed the program, ICS partnered with Serenity Court Apartments and Coventry Commons to construct apartment complexes for low-income housing. As the years progress, ICS continues to fulfill the original vision of its foundation to create a full continuum of care for its residents.

In addition to the full continuum of care, ICS hosts various fund raising events throughout the year along with special Holiday celebrations and fun activities and events for its clients such as the annual spring fling motorcycle rally, golf scramble, pumpkin carving contest, and bowling competitions.

At ICS, we take our client care very seriously, and our 74% program completion rate demonstrates our high level of success. We are very proud of the large Veteran population that receives our services, but our full continuum of care is extended to anyone who needs our specialized care. Please, contact us at (502) 964-7147 if you would be interested in learning more about our organization, and you or someone you know could have a life-changing experience.